Hello, and welcome to Love What You Sell. I'm Grace, and this is the 90-day incubator that's going to take your product idea from just an idea to a fully-launched e-commerce business that's profitable. I want to say something right upfront. In the past, you may have been taught or you may have felt like you needed to approach your business in a way that just really felt off to you. Maybe you've heard that you needed to use really aggressive tactics, or follow rigid rules to get any sort of success in e-commerce. These aggressive tactics sound like you need to hustle and grind, and you need to sacrifice, and you can't pay yourself for years and years, right? This so-called conventional wisdom really exists in e-commerce because it's traditionally been an industry that's been run by men, and it's really been focused on this masculine energy.

And if you're more of a feminine energy-type of person, this is why it didn't feel good to you and why it didn't work in the past. Now, masculine and feminine energy are not exclusive to any gender. We all have both masculine and feminine energy flowing in us. But what happens when we start to suppress an entire part of ourselves by suppressing the feminine, that's when business really starts to feel off. That's when things aren't working. That's when it feels like we're forcing things to happen. And all we really want is a business that feels good, it flows, it has good energy, and it naturally attracts all of the right customers to us without us having to force anything. You naturally have feminine skills like empathy, and gratitude, and compassion. You have certain values. You care about your community.

And in Love What You Sell, we lean into these skills. As a result, moving forward, you're going to be successful in your business because of these skills, not in spite of them, which is how you may have been led to believe in the past. So bottom line, you haven't been successful in e-commerce in the past because you've been told to suppress an entire part of yourself. So we're not going to suppress your superpowers anymore. Moving forward, you get to be you. The next thing we need to address is your role within the business. I want to make sure you understand one really important thing. You're a retailer. Know that, embrace that, step into that role. And this is really important, because what we're doing is we're building an online retail business. So that's what e-commerce is. It's just retail that's online. And there are a lot of foundational and functional things that need to be in place in your business before it can function like a retail business.

So over the next 90 days, we're going to be putting all of those pieces into place so that your business is ready to launch into the world. Trust me when I say that this program is built in the exact step-by-step process that you need to follow in order to create a functioning retail business. This is the process that I used in my multiple e-commerce stores, and one of those I recently sold. And the last thing we need to address is your complexity bias. So this is a function of our human brains that makes us really question... If something is too simple, we think it's not going to work. Our brains like to think that if it's more complicated, that it's better. And it's not that way, and so we need to truly believe in this process of simplifying our business, that this is going to work for us.

We're going to have to combat this complexity bias, because simple really is the best solution here. And this is why you signed up for Love What You Sell. You're looking for a simpler way forward. So I really want you to trust in this process, and fight your complexity bias throughout the entire program, because what we're doing is simplifying everything in your business. You may be coming into this program holding onto some frustration or embarrassment or some guilt about anything that's happened in the past, and anything that feels like a mistake or a failure.

You may be still holding on to those feelings. So we can set all of this aside, because all of this has brought you to this point, and this is exactly where you're supposed to be. I am so excited for you to go through this entire program, and I cannot wait to see the business that you launch at the end of this. Know that every step of the way, I am cheering you on. Phase one is going to unlock soon for you, but before that, there's another video next all about setting goals and intentions for the next 90 days. So jump into that video, and get started.

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It's time to leave behind any shame, frustration, or baggage you may be carrying. Love What You Sell is a fresh approach to building an ecommerce business that's simple, flexible, and profitable.