Before you jump into phase one, we need to do a little bit of brainstorming, a little homework to get us in the right mindset to build the right business for ourselves. So, Love What You Sell is all about creating the foundational pieces to building your business. And one of these key foundational pieces is your mindset.


And you may have heard this a million times. Maybe you think it's too woo-woo or it doesn't work. But it's really, really important that we address some possible mindset blocks that may be holding you back. But also, we want to open up and dream big here, because you're building a business for a reason, right? This is a lot of work to do. So the reason that you're going to do this has to be bigger than just, you want to have an e-commerce business. There has to be a vision, a purpose for all of the work that you're going to do.


So we want to brainstorm, what does the end goal look like for us? What are we working towards and how is this affecting our lives? How is this affecting our family? How is this affecting our finances? How is this affecting how we get to spend our free time? So we really want to get clear on what looks different in our life when we're done with this.


We also want to identify what didn't work in the past? What's been holding us back? We want to get that out, get that down on paper so that we can move beyond that. We don't want to hold onto any old stories or any old lies that we're telling ourselves that are going to keep us in a place that we don't want to be. We want to move forward. And again, this business is yours. It is so personal that you get to decide where this takes you.


There's no right or wrong answer here. You could want to make an extra thousand dollars a month, you could want to make an extra million dollars a month, and anywhere in between. And none of these are wrong, but you get to decide this and you get to set up that path by doing this work right now. Because if we don't know where we want to go, we're not going to know how to get there. So doing this exercise is going to give us the clarity and the mindset that we need in order to take the next 90 days to build the business that we actually want to have.


Now, there's no right or wrong way to journal. But if you're looking for a little structure, this is the way I like to do it. I like to look one year out. So I write down the date one year from today, and then I write what's different. And then I start to just free write. What's different about myself? How do I feel that's different? How does my family look and feel different? How do my finances look and feel different? So, what's different about my life, and really just write it as if that's already happening. So you're already embodying it.


And then we want to look back and say, "What are somethings that didn't work in the past? What was I doing that has held me back from getting to what I'm writing down and saying, 'This is what I want,' what was holding me back in the past from getting those things?" So we want to journal both on the future of, this is how my life is different and better, and what I'm working towards. And then we also want to journal on, what can we let go of? What needs to go away so that we can get to that end goal, that dream that you're writing about?


Now, I want you to do this in a place where everything is quiet and calm, where you can really start to listen to your inner voice. You want to have at least 25 minutes set aside to do this, to get in a quiet place. Maybe you have some music on in the background. Maybe you're hiding out in a closet. I know as a mom, I've done this many times where I just need to think, and that's the place where I can find quiet and calm. So find that for yourself before you start to sit down. This is not something that you should be doing while multitasking or anything. You really need to listen to your deep inner voice. I'm into the big woo-woo of asking the universe for things, listening to my guides. If that is in alignment for you, great, tap into that.


Even if that doesn't feel like something you are interested in, being in a really quiet space without any distractions is just going to open you up to creative thoughts, and bigger thoughts and feelings about what you deeply, truly want for your life. After you've completed this exercise, keep this in a really safe place. You could post it up. If you like to look at it all the time, post it up so you can see it. If it's something that feels more private and you want to tuck it away, put it in a place where you can revisit it throughout the process. As you're building your business, you can revisit it to remind yourself of what you're working towards. What's the bigger dream, what's the bigger purpose here? And then I'll see you in phase one.

Setting Your Personal Goals

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Setting your personal goals and intentions so you create the right business for your dreams and desired life.