Welcome to Love What You Sell. I'm Grace and I want to give you a quick tour of the dashboard that you'll be using over the next 90days. So everything is housed within this portal. I'm going to walk you through where you can find everything. So right away, you're going to want to watch the welcome module.

So when you click into here, it's going to show you all the videos. There are three videos. The dashboard walkthrough is what you're watching right now. Then watch what's different here and then setting your personal goals. You'll also find the success roadmap here under your module resources. So go through this before phase one starts. Go through this right now to get started.

As you scroll down, you'll see that phase one, phase two and phase three are all still locked. These will unlock in order. So you'll first have access to phase one. All of these will unlock for you as soon as they are ready. And again, we are working through this in order. So that's why they stay locked so that you can work through the process in the way it's intended to work through.

All the way down at the bottom you'll find bonuses. Office hours, this is a really important bonus to take a look at. You have access to three bonus or three office hours during your time during our 90 days. And then you'll have three additional office hours after you complete the 90 days. So you have tons of support. These are not recorded. These are meant to be show up, get your questions asked and leave. They are kind of open office hours. So you'll access it through the Zoom links. And you can add these to your calendar, but just note that office hours are the second Tuesday of every month from 10:00 AM to noon Pacific standard time.

If you go back to the dashboard, you'll see the other bonuses. This is a bonus you will not want to access until after you've completed at least phase two. This is one, the 100 plus magnetic product ideas. If you're coming into this program not quite sure what you're selling, you'll want to access this right away. This is going to give you lots of ideas for things that you can sell. And then you have another bonus here. Seven steps to love what you sell. That's what this is all about. Loving what you sell.

Up in the corner, you'll find all of the phases and the modules here, and a link to all the bonuses as well. Here is the Facebook community. So here's where you'll join the community. You'll want to do this right away. Read through the guidelines, then request to join. This is going to be a really intimate Facebook group, private group, where you can interact with myself and with other members going through this incubator right along with you.

If you have questions and need help, you do have access to support. Here's some frequently asked questions. And then if those don't answer it, please send us a support ticket. We have a tiny team. We try to answer these as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for us to get back to you. And then the last is your account. This is where if you need to change your email or your password or update any of your billing, you'll be able to do that in here. So that is the portal. Again, jump right in to your welcome module and I'll see you in phase one.

Dashboard Walkthrough

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A quick overview of the portal you'll be using for the next 90 days and beyond.