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You’ve got access to a private and fully supportive Facebook Community filled with other beautiful humans who are also students of Love What You Sell.

Community Guidelines

Here’s how to get the best out of this community

Believe in Community First

This is not a place to get one-on-one coaching. Please refrain from tagging Grace and instead allow all members to comment on your posts. All voices are important and you’ll get more out of the community if you are open to learning from everyone.

When posting, keep your messages clear and concise. Doing this shows you respect the time of others, and you’ll receive more helpful responses.

Make an effort to show up in the group to add to the community. The more you put in, the more you’ll get in return.

Believe in Yourself

Everyone is at a different place. Playing the comparison game will slow your growth. Please believe in yourself and don’t feel intimidated or “behind”. You’re never behind.

Be brave and speak up, share your ideas, and engage in the conversation. Your voice helps make the group a better place.

Believe in the Good

This is not a place to complain or air frustrations. Negative or rude comments are NOT allowed and will be removed.

This is a loving community that believes in the good of others. Please be respectful, supportive and kind.

Agree to the guidelines? Great!

Before you join please note:

You’ll need to provide the email address you used to sign-up for the course.

This is an exclusive group for paying members of Love What You Sell. At any time you may be removed from the group if rules are not followed or payments are missed.

Please don’t ask for technical support in the group. Use the Support link to submit a support ticket.

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